About Us

Farming is in our blood!

Our land originally belonged to my parents Hillis and Isabelle Graham while Gayle and I have called it home since our marriage in 1976. For close to 20 years, I commuted while Gayle was busy homeschooling and being the driving force of our duo raising pigs, chickens and beef to feed our growing family. Our hand-milked Jersey cow would give us butter, yogurt and cheese. Our garden provided an abundance during the summer and a full pantry during the winter. While we taught the children to care for the animals, the garden and the land, I pursued my love of horses, raising Arabians. Once the family was grown, Gayle returned to the workforce and our land was rented out.

In 2006, Gayle saw a program about Alpaca farming. She was intrigued to say the least! We attended a show and began visiting farms. We soon came to the conclusion that Alpacas were the animal for us! We could raise, handle and enjoy them while rejuvenating our farm and staying active during retirement.

In October 2007, our herd of 11 beautiful Alpacas was delivered from Steinbach Manitoba and the rest is history. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past 45 years and love working alongside our children and grandchildren who pitch in both on the farm and with Trade Fairs and Markets.

We would love for you to stop by for a visit!